Quick, healthy, refreshing and soooo colorful!

Get out some wooden skewers. No need to be fancy. They can be the garden variety, Dollar store kind. The beauty lies in the gorgeous color of the ripe fruit. Cube or ball a seedless watermelon and cantaloupe. Halve or quarter washed, dried and hulled strawberries. Wash and dry some seedless green grapes, blueberries and small mint leaves. Let the assembly begin! Skewer the fruit, keeping the order of the fruit consistent with each skewer. Finish ends with a small mint leaf and a blueberry. Done. A perfect snack or dessert for a hot August day!

For the full back story and big party presentation, please click on this link: https://noramurphycountryhouse.com/magazine/summer-2013/lets-get-this-party-started/bridgets-sweet-n-avory-skewers/#.VdSzC4vODWc