Pansies On Ice

I always ask myself “How can I elevate this _____ with flowers?” The blank can be anything: a place setting, a coffee table, the powder room, the front door, a cake, or a serving tray. This past weekend I elevated ice cubes with mini pansy blossoms for a pink champagne toast for my mom’s 90th birthday. They had to be pretty and special…and with all that we needed to accomplish, it had to be easy to make!

We started with a tray of blooming mini pansies (my sister and I were counting flowers on each plant at our local nursery), plucked off the blooms, and washed each one. Then Sur La Table silicone square ice cube trays were filled with spring water, and a single flower was added to each square. (The flowers are too light to sink, and will stay on top.) The trays needed to be in the freezer for a few hours until completely frozen.

As we passed around the drinks, I think it was a sweet little surprise for everyone! Remember: It’s all in the details.