For me, everything in life is all about the details. Even when it comes to packaging something as utilitarian as napkins and utensils for an outdoor buffet, it’s so easy and simple to serve up some style at your next cookout.

I like to keep it practical and pretty by using my go-to ribbon of choice: a good quality grosgrain. Readily available on 4 or 10 yard rolls at my local craft store, there are so many beautiful choices vying to come home with me. To stay focused, I take the hand (feel) and weight of the napkin into account, choose the width of the ribbon and select color(s) to coordinate with the event.

Cut ribbon into 30-inch lengths (I find this length gives me a generous bow), snipping the ends at an angle with a pair of sharp scissors.

Roll up utensils in napkin and tie with a bow.

When all place settings are wrapped and tied, simply display in a decorative basket.