The rhodis (rhododendrons) at Connecticut Country House are on their final burst of the Spring 2015 season – and I think this year they’re definitely bigger and better than ever! (I probably say that every year!)

One of the largest, and pinkest of the bunch was severely damaged a few years back from a really rough winter. We very reluctantly cut her back, and she very beautifully grew back bigger! Every spring, I wait for her to bloom. And when she does, I always cut an enormous bouquet to lug inside. Not this year. This year, I still cut my enormous bouquet, but this time arranged it in a very large basket hanging right outside our busiest door.

So easy! Pop plastic bucket (filled halfway with water) into basket. Hammer ends of the woody stems, and one by one, place into the bucket.

A simple, economical, (and not to mention dramatically gorgeous!!) way to greet your guests at your next June party!

Love, Nora



  • They are gorgeous Nora. And that basket is such a great way to showcase their beauty. They are a native plant here and grow in the wild everywhere in the mountain region of the state. We had a wonderful country cottage with rhododendrons before we returned to the suburbs.

  • Beautiful! Enjoy your day!

  • Just love every single image and word! So glad I found this wonderful site! xo

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