In the Connecticut Country House gardens, I rely on a wide variety of support systems to keep my plants at their best. Whether in the form of simple stick teepees, bamboo stakes, painted trellises, rustic rambling stonewalls or a split rail fence, they provide a strong foundation to what’s growing in the gardens. On their own, the plants are sturdy, healthy and can survive, but you never know when the weather’s going to change and the wind is going to kick up. Isn’t it nice to know that they have something strong to lean against when the weather turns?

Like the structures in and around the yard, Murph is, and has always been, a tremendous source of strength to me. Sometimes it isn’t easy, and I do have a tendency to be strong-willed (just like my Rugosa roses). He truly knows and understands me. Surrounds me with love. Unfailingly supports me so that I can live, love, laugh, thrive and grow!

Happy Anniversary Murph!

With all my love, Nora


  • Moj Beli Cvet says:
    June 27, 2015 at 12:19 pm Reply

    Beautiful as always. Have a Great Weekend! & If this is Murph’s wedding Anni. Happy Anniversary to you both.
    How many years? We are on year 25.

  • Happy anniversary to you both!

  • Happy Anniversary!

    Such happy words of affirmation for your husband! I love hearing these kinds of things! My husband is wonderful too, and I am so thankful for him, as you are for Murph.

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