She’s in full bloom, my beautiful Eden. We’ve been together for a long time now, ever since I first planted her at our former home. When we moved to Connecticut Country House, it was only natural to bring her along to her new home. We found the perfect spot for her down by the old stonewall where she was assured plenty of sunshine and a protective, sturdy wall that she could lean on.

In the early spring, I always prune her and remove any old wood. Sometimes the pruning job seems severe, yet every June she comes back more beautiful than the year before (at least that’s what I think every time!).

Eden is a very elegant and delicately scented rose. Her branches are filled with bouquets of buds that when they start to bloom, it’s time to snip some of the bouquets and take them inside. The early morning is the best time to do this. With clippers in hand, I cut the branches as long as I can about a ¼ -inch above a 5-leaved stem (this is a perfect spot for new growth). With gathered handfuls of rose stems, I tie them together with twine so they’ll stay together (a controlled floppiness), and re-cut. I pop the tied bouquets into pretty vintage cups and pitchers filled with cool water.

I do love how abundant and floppy Eden is. Whether you see her from the road, or in big romantic bouquets inside the old house, she’s just so lovely. Here’s to Eden…long may she live!

Happy gardening (and arranging)! Love, Nora

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