Bridget’s Sweet ‘n Savory Skewers

Recipe Notes This recipe is for a party of approximately 100.


1 large seedless watermelon, cubed

3 cantaloupes, cubed

4–5 quarts strawberries, caps cut off and halved

2 bags green seedless grapes

2 bags red seedless grapes

2 quarts blueberries

3 quarts yellow cherry tomatoes

3 quarts red cherry tomatoes

3 pounds marinated mozzarella balls

2–3 bunches of fresh basil (small leaves or cut in half)

1–2 bunches of fresh mint (small leaves or cut in half)

100 wooden skewers


Choose a pattern/combination of ingredients to your liking.

We started by poking pointy side of skewer through top of fruit or veggie and pulled up to top end of skewer—consistently leaving about 2 inches from top. It is important to establish an order of fruit or veggies that you like—and be consistent with it. Each skewer should look the same. Keep repeating until desired amount is done.

Starting at the top of the kale ball (spacing evenly), insert one skewer at a time into the ball. Keep repeating until ball is evenly covered.

The beauty to this is that you can make as many as you like—using the ingredients you like best as well. The possibilities are endless!

You can put together any combo of fruits and veggies you prefer.