Vintage Apple Picking Bucket Bag


Very cool! I believe these were my first words when I spotted this beautiful old utilitarian piece. I’m a collector of antique harvest baskets, and this one really caught my attention, because I had never seen one like it. Made by the Fruit Picking Equipment Company in Lawrence, Michigan, this Handy Picking Bucket is part-galvanized metal and part thick canvas. Back when it was in use, it must have been strapped to the pickers back as fruit was dropped into the tied closed bag that was untied when it was time to empty.
Surely, a conversation piece that’s perfect to be displayed on a porch, mudroom, or kitchen. I even used it as a vessel to hold potted lavender when we were shooting for my book!

24” L x 15’’ W x 9’’ D
Galvanized metal top portion
Thick khaki colored canvas on bottom portion
2 leather “grommets” with rope on one side
Metal-hinged rings on top

Vintage Apple Picking Bucket Bag

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