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Swirling Kosta Boda Glasses


Made in Sweden, this pair of Kosta Boda glasses are sturdy, and thick hand blown glass that’s perfect for hosting votive candles. They’re also great glasses for drinks, flowers, or snacks. These two fit into any style and will stand up to just about anything! The swirling, irregular veils of Milky White color make each an individual in its own right, and create a beautiful glow.

Set of 2
Each: 4.25”H x 3.5”W
Hand blown, White Swirl
UHV on bottom
Kosta Boda, Sweden
New with Kosta Boda sticker
Only 1 set available

Swirling Kosta Boda Glasses

$68.00 Item# NMCH-02781

Out of stock

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