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Scenic & Floral Hodge Podge Collection


Mix it up! I love mixing transferware pieces all in the same coloration. This collection is made up of red transferware that was discovered 1 piece at a time. Stack together for a gorgeous look, or add plate hangers and create a wall mounted vignette! All so very beautiful.

Set of 5
Largest: 10.5”W, The Spode Archive Collection, Georgian Series ‘Floral’ First introduced c.1830, Spode, England
Large: 8.75”W, Spode, England
Medium: 8”W, ‘Little Comberton’
Albion, Crown Ware, England
Small: 6.25”W, ‘Knebworth’
Albion, Crown Ware, England
Smallest: 5.5”W, Syracuse China, USA
All vintage
Beautiful condition
Only 1 collection available

Scenic & Floral Hodge Podge Collection

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