My Hodge Podge Willow Ware Collection


I’ve loved blue and white anything forever! So when it comes to old blue and white Willow Ware, I’m a goner. Over the years, I’ve picked up a bowl here, a set of plates there – most in good condition, with only 3 pieces that have a nick here, a hairline crack there. I’m so hoping that whoever purchases this hodge podge collection will carry on and add to it some more!

11 Dinner plates 9’’
2 Soup bowls 8’’
8 Dessert plates 7’’
9 Small bread & butter plates 6’’
6 Small bowls 5’’
Made in England & USA
Porcelain transfer ware
As-is conditions with a few pieces have chips/hairline cracks

My Hodge Podge Willow Ware Collection

$148.00 Item# NMCH-00049

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