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My Hodge Podge White Pitcher Collection


Great shapes and sizes! I’ve been collecting white ceramic pitchers for some time now. I’m always captured by unique shapes and textures. The versatility of this collection is pretty limitless. All can be used to serve drinks as well as hold gorgeous bouquets of flowers, or simply display them in a hutch. This is a great collection to get you started and build your own collection.

Collection of 5 pitchers
A: 12”H x 10”W
B: 7.5”H x 8.5”W
C: 8”H x 7”W
D: 6”H x 7”W
E: 6”H x 7”W
White glazed white porcelain
All in beautiful condition
Only 1 collection available

My Hodge Podge White Pitcher Collection

$124.00 Item# NMCH-01470

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