Morning Grapefruit Candle

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It’s a new day. A fresh start. Life really is in the little things.

The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and it’s time to set a cheery table. I start with woven grass mats for each place setting. I love how the texture and hue of the mats adds an outdoor vibe to the old table. All white dishes and soft cotton napkins help to keep the look fresh. Scalloped plates serve up freshly halved juicy pink grapefruit. One whiff of its tangy citrus scent, and I know everything’s working in perfect harmony. It’s only natural to want to live in the sunshine!

Scent: Grapefruit, blood orange, and lemon.

Lovingly made in Connecticut, and hand poured in small batches into classic, clean-lined glass vessels.

Natural soy wax, fragrance oil, and an aura of calm and quiet.

Large: 12 oz., 4.5’’ h x 3.5’’ diameter, double cotton wicks, 45-70 hours of burn time

Small: 2.5 oz., 3.25’’ h x 2.25’’ diameter, single cotton wick, 10-20 hours of burn time

Morning Grapefruit Candle

starting at: $16.00 Item# NMCH-00009