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Harry’s Birds & Tray


Cheers! I am so drawn to glasses – all shapes, sizes, and uses. This set of 4 Brandy Snifters are very special because they feature 2 different birds on each glass: Mourning Dove & Bob-White, Woodcock & Wild Turkey, Ruffed Grouse & Sora, and Ring-Necked Pheasant & Wilson’s Snipe. What makes them a little more unusual is that all the decaled birds are very neutral in coloration. A gilded edge completes the glasses. I found a wonderfully tarnished silverplate tray that sports an engraved crest in the center with a roping edge. Perfect.

Set of 4 glasses w/tray
4 Glasses, each: 5”H x 3”W, Glass with decal motifs and names, gilded detailing on rims
Tray: 10”L x 8”W, silverplate with engraved crest centered on tray and raised roping detail along edge.
All vintage
All in beautiful, desirable condition
Only 1 set available

Harry’s Birds & Tray

$45.00 Item# NMCH-01475

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