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Gold Filigree Ships from Portugal


Elegant travels. My dear friend Lucia is from the Azores, and explained the significance of these vintage ships to me. Each ship (called a cartavela) was crafted in Portugal from silver wire and washed in 24K gold. The extremely intricate handwork is truly like fine lace! These pieces of art were sold as high end souvenirs years ago…And to think I bought them just because I thought they were incredibly beautiful.

Set of 2
Large:5.25”H x 4.75”W
Small:3.25”H x 2.25”W
Handcrafted silver wire, 24K Gold wash, cloisonne crosses
Made in Portugal
Beautiful condition w/age appropriate patina
Only 1 set available

Gold Filigree Ships from Portugal

$98.00 Item# NMCH-03239

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