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Faye’s Quilt


The love of vintage patterns. I had bought this handmade old quilt at Brimfield some time ago. I always loved it for it’s happy colors and playful patterns. This vintage lovely is all cotton squares stitched together with no backing or finished edge. I love its natural state and hand embroidered name and place of the maker! I’ve used it in so many ways – as a holiday gathering tablecloth, folded at the foot of the guest bedroom bed, an ottoman or bench, and have even tucked it under a Christmas tree! I can see this colorful beauty stretched on wooden stretchers and hanging it on a focal wall…what a statement! This quilt is for the quilt lover, who appreciates the hodge podge of calico prints and hand appliqued and embroidered motifs. Love.

84”L x 62”W
All cotton pieces featuring gingham, calico prints, florals, stripes and solids. Hand appliqued and hand embroidered. No backing. Has frayed edges.
Hand made by Faye E. Hinkley, Philips, Maine
Beautiful condition overall
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Faye’s Quilt

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