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Favorite Color Navy Blue Watering Can


I have to confess that I am a watering can lover. As a gardener, I believe there’s a tool for every task, and when it comes to watering container gardens, watering cans in a variety of shapes and sizes do the trick. But, as a designer, color plays an important role too. It can’t just be useful; it has to be beautiful as well. When I spotted this vintage beauty in inky navy (!!), my heart skipped a beat! I’ve never before seen an old can in such a really good, classic navy blue color. Let’s put it this way, if you don’t end up buying it…I may just have to keep it!

16.5’’H x 20’’W x 9.25’’ D
2 gallon watering can
Navy blue paint on metal
Small amount of rust at base under spout.
Top of spout has rusted out portion and no rose head

Favorite Color Navy Blue Watering Can

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