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English Garden Plates & Caddy/Set of 8


A gardener’s paradise. This set of 8 antique Woodstock plates were made by Royal Cauldron, England’s Oldest pottery established in 1652. Each plate features a different variety of flowers. So beautiful in place settings, as well as decorating a wall by adding plate hangers. When not in use, a pretty white wire caddy also holds them beautifully.

Set of 8 plates & 1 caddyEach plate: 9.25”WCaddy: 13.5”W x 3.75”HBristol ironstone with flower illustrations, white painted wire and wickerLady’s Slipper, Speedwell, Rock Purslane, Pimpernel, Sweet Rocket, Cardinal Flower, Rock Rose, and Cornflowers.Woodstock, Royal Cauldron, EnglandVintageBeautiful conditionOnly 1 available

English Garden Plates & Caddy/Set of 8

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