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Country House Antique Splint Basket/Large


A showstopper. As you may know, I’m a lover of baskets – all kinds. But, when I come upon a really large scaled old beauty, I have to have it. This wonderful antique handmade splint basket is from the early 1900’s. Its weathered surface is the perfect finishing touch for this super sturdy old piece. Its scale has such an impact and makes it perfect for holding firewood, wooly tartan throws, a huge potted plant, or a bucket filled with a magnificent bouquet of wildflowers. (And remember – shipping’s on me!)

20”W x 18.5”H
Handmade wood splint, original nails
Early 1900’s antique
New England
Beautiful condition and patina
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Country House Antique Splint Basket/Large

$324.00 Item# NMCH-03657

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