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Charlotte Russe Metal Souffle Pans with Lids


The hearts have it! I just love the heart-shaped handles of these vintage French soufflé pans! Three graduated sizes would line up so beautifully on the counter. Use for baking or just show them off as lovely containers, anyway you choose they’re very special. It’s hard to find the larger scaled pans, and with their lids (!)…That makes them extra very special! Bon appétit!

1 set of 3 pans
#18 Large: 9.5”W (with handles) x 4”H
#16 Medium: 8.75”W (with handles) x 3.5”H
#10 Small: 6.25”W (including handles) x 2.5”H
(These measurements do not include the lids)
All metal and in very good condition
Made in France
1 set available

Charlotte Russe Metal Souffle Pans with Lids

$108.00 Item# NMCH-00431

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