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Callum & Camdyn


Functionality & personality plus! This pair of hardworking sheep are a very unique find. At first I thought they were bookends, but they’re a little too long. Then I thought they must be door stops. And since they face opposite directions, perhaps they would make fabulous doorstops for a pair of French doors! I tried them at the base of my French doors, and wow, they looked great! Then I styled them onto my Living Room mantle with lots of holiday greens and vintage tole trays, and I loved them there too! These 2 are ridiculously versatile. I love that…Yay!

Set of 2
Each – 9”L x 6.5”H x 1.75”D
Cast iron
Beautiful condition
Only 1 set available

Callum & Camdyn

$118.00 Item# NMCH-02008

Out of stock

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