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Butterscotch Alabaster Mini Lamps/Set of 2


Oh the details!. I fell in love with the classic form and warm butterscotch hue of this pair of vintage Alabaster lamps. I hunted down the perfect shades that are crafted of a stiff brown kraft paper parchment that is humbly adorned with White Pine sprig and pinecone. A faux rawhide strip is sewn in x’s at both rims of each shade. Perfect scale for a taller dresser!

Set of 2
Each base: 10”H
Each shade: 6.75”H x 9”W
Total: Approx 15”H
Alabaster, original cord, clip-on paper shade, faux rawhide
Antique lamps
New shades
Beautiful condition
Only 1 pair available

Butterscotch Alabaster Mini Lamps/Set of 2

$248.00 Item# NMCH-03327

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