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Aye Aye Captain Glass Collection


Signal good cheer! This collection of 6 vintage juice/cocktail glasses with nautical signal flags is truly a rare find. Perfect for a summertime breakfast table or late afternoon bar! 4 individual signal flags and 2 matching make up this whimsical collection that will surely make everyone smile.

"Here’s to tall ships, Here’s to small ships, Here’s to all the ships at sea. But the best ships are friendships, Here’s to you and me." Cheers!

6-piece collection
Each: 3.25”H x 3”W
(2) “Your lights are out”
(1) “Stop carrying out your intentions”
(1) “I require a pilot”
(1) “Keep clear, am maneuvering with difficulty”
(1) “I require assistance”
Beautiful condition
Only 1 collection available

Aye Aye Captain Glass Collection

$88.00 Item# NMCH-01665

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