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Antique Staffordshire Dog/Peanut


The “WOW” factor. A most impressive collection of antique English Staffordshire Dogs made it to my shop recently. I’m amazed at the variety of pups within this collection! A little history about these pups: Staffordshire, England has been the center of ceramic production in Great Britain since the early 17th century, and the best quality Staffordshire dog statues were made by small potteries in Staffordshire from 1845 to 1870. Fashioned from press-molded earthenware, they were then hand painted (to me, that’s the charm!). And most appropriately for the holidays, these pups were decorative interior items in most English homes during the Victorian era, placed on the fireplace mantle or on tables.

2.75”H x 2”W x 1.5”D
Hand Painted earthenware
Staffordshire, England
Beautiful condition (hairline crack on backside)
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Antique Staffordshire Dog/Peanut

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