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Antique Aubusson & Vintage Velvet Pillow


A rare find. At the Brimfield Antique Market this past September, I spotted 2 stunning pieces of 18th c. French Aubusson remnants from a dealer from Nova Scotia(!), and knew right away that they would make such beautiful pillows! Along with a roll of vintage velvet I had acquired, I asked my dear friend Lucia, of Simply Proto Designs to do her magic and marry all. And she surely did.

25”L x 19”W
Wool aubusson, cotton velvet, trim, hidden zipper, polyfill insert (I didn’t want to “crunch” the Aubusson with feather down)
18thy c. French aubusson, vintage velvet
Sewn by Simply Proto Designs, NY
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Antique Aubusson & Vintage Velvet Pillow

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