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Annie’s Quilt


Well loved and tattered. I had bought this handmade old quilt at Brimfield some time ago. I always loved it for it’s geometric pattern and the wonderful grassy green, rosey pink, and pops of orange color of the patchwork. It’s very “happy” for an old quilt! I’ve used it in so many ways – folded at the foot of the guest bedroom bed, folded on an ottoman, as a tablecloth, and even tucked under a Christmas tree! This quilt is for the quilt lover, who embraces frays, fading, and tatters.

92”L x 80”W
All cotton pieces featuring gingham, calico prints, stripes and solids. Quilted throughout. Soft straw and cream colored houndstooth cotton on back.
Frays, tatters, and fading
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Annie’s Quilt

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