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Royal Dutch Double Amaryllis Nymph


Glorious blooms. Amaryllis is always the flowering bulb I rely on to seamlessly take me into the New Year!. Every year, one of my absolute favorites is the Amaryllis – this year it’s Amaryllis Nymph. When planted, this bulb grows to be about 12 inches tall and yields 2 successive stems with each producing absolutely gorgeous,double flowers with pale to deep coral-red veins and striations within about 8-12 weeks. Imagine seeing this beauty’s blooms on a dark, wintry day! As a gardener, I long for gorgeous flowers when I need them most – mid-winter!

1 Amaryllis bulb is packaged at Connecticut Country House and ready for gift giving! (Growing instructions included.)

Royal Dutch Double Amaryllis Nymph

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