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A Family Affair of Creamy Platters


I’m forever hunting & gathering creamy oval vintage platters. They’re not easy to find! I’m very selective. First and foremost, they need to have the right patina. Then to become a nested family, they need to all play well together in same shape, graduate in scale nicely, and the various creamy colors should look well together. I think I accomplished my own requirements to curate this Family Affair of Creamy Platters.

1 set of 3 platters
Large: 17.5”L x 13”W (Stamped: Canonsburg China) Desirable crazing with 1” very light hairline crack under glaze in rim.
Medium: 14.5”L x 10.5”W (Stamped: Ironstone China/Richelieu Shape/James F. Wileman) Desirable crazing.
Small: 12”L x 8.25”W (Tiny stamp: Eagle head motif with the initials U.P.W) Desirable crazing and wear.
1 set available

A Family Affair of Creamy Platters

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