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1798 Navigation Engraving


Seafaring history with quiet elegance. I found this antique print engraving that came out of a book dated 1798 (along with 1798 Ships & Navigation Engravings (NMCH-00987). It is gorgeous. Since this engraving is a little more square, I opted for a new frame with a simple silver leaf face and gilded sides. The textural cloth mat reminds me of New England sand. It’s been professionally framed and is ready for hanging! Really quite lovely.

17.5”H x 16.75”W
Image size:8.25””H x 7.5”W
Black/Sepia engravings on creamy tea paper (1798)
Matting: Softly mottled grey cloth mat
Frame:Wood molding w/silverleaf painted front and gilded sides
Beautiful condition
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1798 Navigation Engraving

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